On-line participation

Basic instructions for on-line participation:

  • On-line access to the conference will be provided via the Zoom platform and will be open during the whole conference. You can use your computer (PC or Mac), tablet, or phone. If you use a tablet or phone, please download the Zoom app in the App Store or Google Play. If you use your computer, you can either download the app (we recommend doing so) or open Zoom via any of the commonly used web browser clients.

  • The Zoom platform allows you to share an application window, share a screen, turn on your camera and microphone.

​Links and access to virtual Zoom rooms are available for participants only. If you did not receive the links, contact secretariat.


  • All on-line participants watch the conference in the role of attendee, where they can not to use the camera and microphone. Questions can be asked via the Q/A function or raise hand to ask an audio question..

  • The presenters will be promoted (by organizers) to the "Panelist" role during the break before the session. At that moment, the lecturer will also see a camera, microphone icon and share screen icon to activate them. 

  • ​The on-line posters will be presented in the format of a pre-recorded 3-min presentation. All posters in the session will be summarized in one single video followed by an open discussion, via the broadcasting platform (see instructions here).

  • ​Pre-recorded poster presentations will be streamed according to the program.  A moderated discussion with authors will take place after the whole e-poster session.

  • Please remember to disable your video and mute your microphone when you are not presenting your talk to avoid unwanted background noise/echoing. Do not forget to reactivate your video and microphone when it is your time to present your talk.

Connection and presentation TEST: